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  • The best player of “adidas Talent Camp” 2014 – A. Meškauskas (video)

    After seven days finally ended youth basketball camp “adidas Talent Camp” held in Kaunas Sports University sports base. The most promising 14th – 17th years old Lithuanian Youth Basketball League players were improving their skills. 

    „Im happy for these young players work, – said Dainius Čiuprinskas, director of “adidas Talent Camp”. – A week before, I told to players, that you won’t become the highest level players within seven days, but everyone will be able to learn a lot of usefull things. If they will continue with this work in the summer, in future they may become really good players. It’s nice that young people listened to the words and worked hard all days. some of the things they already knew, some things remembered, some things were new”. 

    Practices were conducted by the most famous basketball coaches: Kazys Maksvytis (head coach of Klaipėdos “Neptūnas”), Tomas Rinkevičius (coach of Klaipėdos “Neptūnas”), one of the best Lithuanian forward  – Saulius Štombergas, former coach of Vilnius “Lietuvos Rytas” and Moscow CSKA – Rūtenis Paulauskas, physical training coach of Slovenian National Basketball Team – Tomaž Brinec, coach of the strongest Lithuanian women’s team „Kibirkštis-VIČI“  – Tadas Stankevičius, coaches of Lithuanian Youth national teams  – Marius Tamolis, Tomas Purlys, Rolandas Radvila, Julius Pranevičius ect.  

     The coaches of “adidas Talent Camp“ during practices marked the the best basketball players. Finally, after seven days hard work and coaches marks the best player became – Augustas Meškauskas – player of Šiauliai A. Sireika basketball Academy. 

    mesk1“Do I expected to win the prize of best player of the camp, – asked A. Meškauskas. – Definitely not. I gave this aword to another player, but I’m very grateful. The camp was great. Now we have to continue the work in the summer. We know what excercises to do, what we need to improve. Really, I learned amlot of new, now need to work on. I need to improve the game under the basket, also one on one. All coaches workout I really liked, but the best was excersises of Saulius Štombergas and Rolandas Radvila. Now I have no lot of time for relax, must return  and improve my individual skills. 

    After „adidas Talent Camp“ there were elected top 12 players: Šarūnas Prušinskas, Augustas Meškauskas, Vidmantas Kačiuška, Ugnius Žilinskas, Rimantas Daunys, Arnas Malakauskas, Jonas Šlapikas, Enrikas Kudrevičius, Arnas Beručka, Mantvydas Staniulis, Paulius Gedminas, Arnas Tilindė.

    They were awarded by adidas basketball shoes.