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  • Lithuanian teams triumphed in the international basketball tournament Kaunas Cup 2014

    October 3 – 5, 2014 Tornado basketball school has organised youth basketball tournament Kaunas Cup 2014. There were 18 teams from Lithuania and foreign countries which competed in three age groups (2004, 2001 and 1999). 

    This autumn tournament was attended by guests from Estonia, Belarus and Poland. Also eleven teams from Lithuanian have participated in Kaunas Cup 2014. Total number of participants exceeded 300. There where six teams in each age group. They played entire tournament in a single round – robin schedule. For the won match team got 2 points, for losing – 1. Team, which collected the most points, won the tournament.

    In the group of boys born in 1999 the strongest team became Lithuanian second place winners Alytaus SRC. The basketball players of coach Sigitas Krukis suffered no losses during the tournament and showed the highest level of basketball. The second place won Kauno KM „Aisčiai“ (coach Donatas Velička). Bronze medals went to Tornado KM – „Scandagra” (Coach Robertas Ragauskas). The best player of each team were awarded during tournament closing ceremony.

    The best team player of group 1999:

    1. Haroldas Rokas (Alytaus SRC), 

    2. Kristijonas Rėklaitis (Kauno KM „Aisčiai“)

    3. Mantas Bruzga (Tornado KM – „Scandagra“)

    4. Ian Wojcik (KKS Kobierzyce)

    5. Nedas Kancleris (Tornado KM – „Viči“)

    6. Janter Aniste (BC „Paulus“)

    The winner of three point contest became Karolis Babušis (Tornado KM – “Viči”)

    Former Polish basketball player Adam Wojcik were satisfied with tournament: „I’m glad the excellent organization of the tournament, and a high level of basketball. I hope next year to come back here again to gain the prize!”

     Jonavos KKSC with coach Edvinas Zinys got Gold medals in group 2001. They won all the games during tournament. After one point victory over Sostinės KM – „FrosTec“, they ensure Gold medals. Sostinės KM – „FrosTec“ (coach Paulius Būdėnas) settle for second place and Tornado KM – „Sostena“ (coach Andrius Macijauskas) took Bronze medals.

     The best team player of group 2001:

    1. Gabrielius Greičius (Jonavos KKSC)

    2.  Blaževič Marek (Sostinės KM – „FrosTec“)

    3. Gytis Mačionis (Tornado KM – „Sostena“)

    4. Jurnas Vigolainen (BC Tarvas/Rakvere SK)

    5. Igor Kozlowski (WKS Slask Wroclaw)

    6. Mateusz Przytulski (SPK Bialystok)

    Mykolai Galecki (WKS Slask Wroclaw) became a winner of three point shoot contest. 

     At the group of youngest basketball players, the winners became – home team – Tornado KM – „Envija“ (Coach Donatas Mikulevičius). These 9 – 10 years old boys, smash all the opponents and with ease took Gold medals. The second place went to Marijampolės ŽSM (coach Kęstutis Juozaitis). The most interesting game were to win Bronze medals. The last second of the game Š. Marčiulionio KA (coach Gytautas Kievinas) players scored two points and wrested overtime against BC Tarvas/Rakvere SK (coach Mart Raam). Unfortunately, players of team Š. Mačiulionio KA didn’t score any points and the winner of Bronze medals became BC Tarvas/Rakvere SK.

    The best team player of group 2004:

    1. Paulius Murauskas (Tornado KM – „Envija“)

    2.  Ainoras Rapolavičius (Marijampolės ŽSM)

    3. Tauri Veevo (BC Tarvas/Rakvere SK)

    4. Matas Burinskas (Š. Marčiulionio KA)

    5. Titas Giedraitis (Tornado KM – 2004)

    6. Aleksey Strupavets (BC Meshcheryakov)

    Jokūbas Riškus (Tornado KM – 2004) became a winner of Free point shoot contest. 

    BC Tarvas/Rakvere SK coach Mart Raam after win the match against S. Marčiulionis was really happy: “It was areally great tournament. I came here with two teams, and all matches were played by nearly a point-to-point.Children gained invaluable experience and has won a medal. “

    The audience was delighted by dance studio “Red” and school talisman squirrel Tornas. Winners teams were awardedby Lithuanian basketball coach Vladas Garastas. The legendary coach was happy that the tournamentwas really high level: “I noticed, and I welcome the fact that the coaches emphasized the individual game, andthe majority of players were well prepared technically. I believe that moving in that direction, coaches reallyachieve good results and  tournament organizers will receive more and stronger teams”.