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  • Kazys Maksvytis: „It‘s not necessary to rush the process of young basketball player‘s improvement“

    Step by step. Consistently collecting titles with our country’s national youth basketball teams, current head coach of Klaipeda “Neptune” – Kazys Maksvytis opened his door to the men’s clubs. True, even after many victories in Lithuanian Basketball League, coach does not forget the source of work – work with young talents.

    „Of course, in this moment, I am aloofed from youth work practice, working in men‘s basketball. But I miss this activity. Here less pressure, more local ingenuity, while developing technical characteristics of players“, – said former coach of „golden“ 1992 year of birth generation.

    Even while working in Klaipeda K.Maksvytis going back to his first job – help to develop young basketball players. This summer, June 22-29 days, he became one of the Talent Camp coach and will be handing out advice to fifteen years of age and younger children.

    Kazys Maksvytis was a coach of such a basketball players as Donatas Motiejūnas, Edgaras Ulanovas, Jonas Valančiūnas. 

    – Coach, until coming to the men’s basketball for a long time You have been working with young people and helped develop a number of gifted Lithuanian basketball players. How much time you spend to take an interest in what You started  your career?

    – Of Course, now my links with youth basketball is left less. However, I went through all the steps of working with basketball players – from juniors to men’s basketball, and I have an opinion of the player’s preparation. So far, I am interested in working with young people, because my current team – “Neptunas” from time to time we get replenishment promising basketball players.

    While working with young people, probably you had to face some significant challenges. What are the biggest barriers, that occurs at such a work?

    – The same problems as in Lithuania as in the whole world – too much focus on the pursuit of immediate results, which affects the future victory.  For long time was mainly focused on teamwork promotion of the game. Therefore suffered individual characteristics of basketball players. If we think about preparing players for National teams, we should develop more individualized tasks, both – in defense and in offence.

    Can we believe that applying this strategy, we will prepare more promising players, who will be able to play in highest levels clubs, even being very young?

    – If we wish, that young player would be a leader in professional club, we can damage the whole educational methodologies. On the contrary, it‘s not necessary to rush the process of young basketball player‘s improvement. Basketball player should get enough time to occur in the lower leagues.

    – What should be the first step of coaches, changing team-based approach to individual skills  improvement?

    – I agree with the existing ideas that young players should play fewer matches. Perhaps it is appropriate to introduce rules that prevail more personal defense system, rather than a command. This also applies to the application of technical, tactical things. Players need to have more individual tasks, to prepare organizing defense and offensive.

    Talking about training process, the game of “one on one” promotion can be one of the methods. But the most important, avoid mistakes, which I did – the young people attending workouts should not be over-stressed difficult process, a large number of games and a whole load in general. 

     – June 22th – 29th You will work at basketball camp “Talent Camp 2015”. What is the importance of such camps for basketball players?

     – While working with team, the goals are focused on team. Summer is a good time to improve personal technical skills, physical preparation. In this camp we will focus on the personal characteristics of the player, so it will be a significant way to spend time.