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  • International Youth Basketball Tournament „beactive Kaunas Cup 2018“

    September 28 – 30, 13th international youth basketball tournament „beactive Kaunas Cup 2018“ took place in Kaunas city and district.  The same as last year, 22 teams competed in 3 age groups. 14 teams from foreign countries came to Lithuania. KK Viimsi (Estonia) and SPK Bialystok (Poland), longtime friends of Tornado BS, participated in “Kaunas Cup 2018”, also Odessa SDYSHOR im. Litvaka (Ukraine) and SRŠNI Pisek (Czech Republic) came back for the second time. To test their strengthes before upcoming season Torune “Twarde Pierniki” (Poland) and Chisinau “Admirals Basketball Academy) (Moldova) came.

    Boys born in 2006 were the youngest age group in this „beactive Kaunas cup 2018“ tournament. There were eigtht teams and after subgroup games Tornado KM – “Metga”, Sostinės KM, Sdyshor im. Litvaka and SPK Bialystok came to semifinals. For the 5th – 8th places played „Twarde Pierniki“, KK Viimsi, SRŠNI Pisek ir Admirals BA. After loosing semifinals, SPK Bialystok and SDYSHOR  im. Litvaka played  in the game for bronze medals. After very tough match, basketball players from Poland were awarded with bronze medals. Tornado KM – “Metga” and Sostinės KM played the final game. Guests from Vilnius were much better and celebrated victory.


    47„We’re very happy to come back to the tournament, – said coach from Ukraine Dmitrij Shalomov. – Last year we made our debut at the Christmas Cup 2017 and this year I wanted to win a higher place.  I’m very happy we had opportunity to play in 3rd place game, but unfortunately this time we didn’t win that game. I’m very thankful for organizers for a great tournament. Everything was perfect – living, catering and all organisation“

    The winner of three point shoot contest became player of Tornado KM – „Metga“ – G. Kučinskas.

    Xiaomi symbolic five players: G. Križanauskas(Sostinės KM, LTU), P. Amosov (Tornado KM – „Metga“, LTU), P. Olshevski (SPK Bialystok, POL), V. Martyniuk (SDYSHOR im. Litvaka, UKR) ir Z. Matyas (SRŠNI Pisek, CZE).

     Final results of  group 2006

    Team Place
    „Sostinės“ KM (Lithuania) I
    Tornado KM – “Metga” (Lithuania) II
    SPK Bialystok (Poland) III
    SDYSHOR im. Litvaka (Ukraine) IV
    SRŠNI Pisek (Czech Republic) V
    Admirals BA (Moldova) VI
    KK Viimsi/Kesklinna KK (Estonia) VII
    „Twarde Pierniki“ (Poland) VIII

    Six teams participated in age group 2004. They played in round system  and the team won the most tournament points won the first place. Together with Lithuanians – Tornado KM – “Envija”, Kauno KM “Perkūnas” and KM “Žalgiris” teams from Czech Republic Sršni Pisek, Poland Twarde Pierniki and SPK Bialystok come to tournament. All three Lithuanian teams shared first three places. Bronze medals went to KM “Perkūnas”, silver medals went to KM “Žalgiris” and the champions of group 2004 became Tornado KM – “Envija”.


    DSC_8720The winner of three point shoot contest became player of KM “Žalgiris” – D. Grenda, player from Twarde Pierniki – H. Senkoskiwon the second place.

    Xiaomi symbolic five players: N. Adomavičius (Tornado KM – „Envija“, LTU), Ž. Rusys (Tornado KM – „Envija“, LTU), M. Jasinauskas (KM „Žalgiris“, LTU), D. Černius (KM „Perkūnas“, LTU) ir O. Mates (SRŠNI Pisek, CZE). 

    Final results of group 2004

    Team Place
    Tornado KM – „Envija“ (Lithuania) I
    Kauno KM „Žalgiris“ (Lithuania) II
    Kauno KM „Perkūnas“ (Lithuania) III
    SRŠNI, Pisek (Czech Republic) IV
    „Twarde Pierniki“ (Poland) V
    SPK Bialystok (Poland) VI

    Eight teams participated in the group of boys born in 2002. There were Lithuanians – Tornado KM – „Fudo“ and Kauno KM „Žalgiris“ also guests from KK Viimsi/Kesklinna KK/Tallinna Spordikool (Estonia), Admirals BA (Moldova), Odessa SDYSHOR im. Litvaka (Ukraine), Torune „Twarde Pierniki“ (Poland) and SRŠNI Pisek (Czech Republic). This age group was exceptional – two teams from foreign countries played in final game! Odessa SDYSHOR im. Litvaka (Ukraine) and KK Viimsi/Kesklinna KK/Tallinna Spordikool (Estonia) fought for gold medals and team from Estonia won that match. Kauno KM “Žalgiris” and Tornado KM – “Fudo” played for bronze medals and “Žalgiris” players celebrated victory.  


    DSC_8908The winner of three point shoot contest became player of Tornado KM – “Fudo” – M. Makauskas, second place won player from KK Viimsi/Kesklinna KK/Tallinna Spordikool – J. Rikberg.

    Xiaomi symbolic five players: A. Puišys (Kauno KM „Žalgiris“, LTU), M. Makauskas (Tornado KM – „Fudo“, LTU), D. Solovei (Odesos SDYSHOR im. Litvaka, UKR), J. Rikberg and H. Tooms (KK Viimsi/Kesklinna KK/Tallinna Spordikool, EST).

    „Group of 2002 was really strong, – said manager of Twarde Pierniki. – Tournament opened our eyes. We saw that we still have a lot to improve. We saw how high level teams looked. We are very thankful Tornado KM has taken us to the tournament and created great conditions not only on court but also beyond“.

    Final results of group 2002

    Team Place
    KK Viimsi/Kesklinna KK/Tallinna Spordikool (Estija) I
    SDYSHOR im. Litvaka ,Odessa (Ukraina) II
    Kauno KM „Žalgiris“ (Lietuva) III
    Tornado KM – „Fudo“ (Lietuva) IV
    SRŠNI Pisek (Čekija) V
    Marijampolės ŽSM (Lietuva) VI
    „Twarde Pierniki“ (Lenkija) VII
    Admirals BA (Moldova) VIII

    Xiaomi symbolic five players of all age groups were awarded with smart bracelets and memorial statues.

    “We are excited about the well-organized tournament, – said director of Tornado BS Dainius Čiuprinskas. – It became the last of the stroke for teams before the official championships of their countries. Group 2002 was especially strong! In the last 10 years no Lithuanian team participated in the finals, which is very rare. It’s nice that the tournament has a deep tradition and every year more and more teams want to come to Lithuania, unfortunately we do not have the opportunity to accept all. We are very thankful for our partners – Kaunas city municipality, Xiaomi Lithuania, Lithuanian Federation of Sports Federations, Basketball foundation and UAB „Amadeira“. There won‘t be such a beautiful festival without their contribution. We also say thank you to the personnel of  school and the parents of the students who helped during the tournament ”.

    Results, standings of #beactive Kaunas Cup 2019


    71 Tornado - Odessa-34