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  • The most massive tournament in Lithuania ‒ Christmas Cup 2016!

    December 28th – 30th  IXth international youth basketball tournament „Christmas Cup 2016“ to win Kaunas district mayor’s cup took place in Kaunas city and district.

    Tournament was organized by “Tornado” basketball school and sport event’s agency “Tstar”. There were 34 teams in four age groups (2006, 2005, 2004 and 2001). 23 teams were from eight different foreign countries – Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovenia, Germany and Netherlands. The total number of participants reached almost 500! 

    The Winners of Group 2001 – KM „Perkūnas“ (Lithuania)

    The most participants were in group 2001. 9 teams came from foreign countries and 3 from Lithuania.  All the teams were grouped in four sub-groups. After the first day of tournament, two strongest teams from each sub-group went to playoffs, others competed for 9th – 12th places in round system. Bronze medals went to Slovenian Krvavec team after 3rd place match with ratiopharm ULM (Germany). In the final game met champions of Lithuania KM “Perkūnas” and Sankt Petersburg “Admiralteyskaya”. Both teams didn’t suffer any defeats till the final game. However, Lithuanians were better in the golden match and overcame guests from Russia. 



    Two players from each team had an opportunity to participate in the three – points shoot contest. The best shooter became player from ratiopharm ULM (Germany) – T. Lanmuller, second place went to player of KK “Viimsi” (Estonia) – T. Serapuu.

    Coaches elected five best players of group 2001: H. Alekna (KM „Perkūnas“), P. Zacharov („Admiralteyskaya“), A. Stavrov (Krvavec), T. Lanmuller (ratiopharm ULM) and R. Miškinis (KM „Aisčiai“).

    One of the coaches of Harlemlakers was very happy about the tournament: „The level was very high! It’s a pity, that we lost all games in sub-group and didn’t have an opportunity to fight for medals. Anyway, we played with very strong teams and gained a lot of experience. That’s why we came here!”. 

    Final results of group 2001

    Place Team
    I KM „Perkūnas“ (LTU)
    II „Admiralteyskaya“ (RUS)
    III Krvavec (SLO)
    IV Ratiopharm ULM (GER)
    V KM „Aisčiai“ (LTU)
    VI Tsmoki, Minsk (BLR)
    VII Ogres BS (LAT)
    VIII Tornado KM – „Sostena“ (LTU)
    IX Harlemlakers (NYD)
    X KK Viimsi (EST)
    XI BSS Valmiera (LAT)
    XII MUKS Piaseczno (POL)


    Director of „Tornado“ BS Dainius Čiuprinskas awarding winners

    The Winners of Group 2004 – Tornado KM – “Envija” (Lithuania)

    Six teams competed in group 2004. They played in round system and the most points earned team won the first place. Tornado KM – “Envija” (Lithuania) didn’t suffer any defeats and won the first place. The silver medals went to team from Alytus (Lithuania) and the bronze went to BSS Valmiera (Latvia). 



    The best shooters became players form Lithuania – T. Sabaliauskas from Alytus and N. Adomavičius from Tornado KM – “Envija”.

    After three days games coaches elected five best players of group 2004: P. Murauskas (Tornado KM – „Envija“), M. Varanius (Alytus), M. Samar (Krvavec), R. Irmeis (Valmiera), V. Kulersou (Meshcheryakov, Minsk). The best players were awarded by Kaunas district sports departament deputy head G. Meška.

    „We are very happy to have an opportunity to participate in this high level tournament each year, – said coaches from Krvavec, Slovenia. – We not only improve as a team, but also communicate with coaches, who became our friends over the years”. 

    Final results of group 2004 

    Place Team
    I Tornado KM – „Envija“ (LTU)
    II Alytus (LTU)
    III BSS Valmiera (LAT)
    IV BC Meshcheryakov (BLR)
    V Krvavec (SLO)
    VI MKK Basket Koszalin (POL)


    The winners of bronze medals – Valmiera BSS team

    The Winners of Group 2005 – Panevėžio KKSC (Lithuania)

    Eight teams from five different countries competed in group 2005 m. After very tough final game, the champions of “Christmas Cup 2016” became Panevėžys KKSC. They defeated Tornado KM – “Alburnus” team. In the bronze medal game played Marupes SC from Latvia and Biržai SM from Lithuania. Biržai SM team didn’t want to share bronze medals with Latvian players and won the game in 17 points. 


    The best three point shooters became players also form Lithuania – Edvinas Bublys (Tornado KM – „Alburnus“) and Arns Stankevičius (Panevėžio KKSC)

    T. Petrauskas and A. Strikulys (Panevėžio KKSC), M. Mažeika (Tornado KM – „Alburnus“), N. Petraitis (Biržų SM) and R. Sondors (Marupes SC) were awarded as the best five players of group 2005. 

    tornado-snaiperis pnvz-snaiperis


    Final results of group 2005 

    Place Team
    I Panevėžio KKSC (LTU)
    II Tornado KM – „Alburnus“ (LTU)
    III Biržų SM (LTU)
    IV Marupes SC (LAT)
    V Tsmoki, Minsk (BLR)
    VI Krvavec (SLO)
    VII Ogres BS (LAT)
    VIII KK Viimsi (EST)


    MVP of group 2005 

    The Winners of Group 2006 – MKS Grojec (Poland)

    Eight teams competed in the group of 2006. After regular games, three Lithuanian teams and one Polish team went to playoffs. In the bronze medals game competed Sabonio BC and Perkūnas BS teams. At the beginning of the game Sabonis BC team has gained an advantage and kept it the entire match, won the third place. MKS Grojec and Tornado KM – “1000 linijų” met in the final match. Players of M. Gailiūnas were ready for revenge after defeat in the subgroup game. After point to point game, Lithuanian players had to admit that Polish were stronger. Gold medals went to MKS Grojec team. 


    „We are very happy to had an opportunity to participate in this high level tournament, – said coach of MKS Grojec. – We don’t have equal opponents in Poland. Playing “mini basket” rolls and some of our players trying to make some dunks! We met really good opponents, had good games and finally won the first place!”


    he winners of three point shoot contest became Lithuanians – G. Kučinskas (Tornado KM – “1000 linijų”) and N. Juodišius (KM “Perkūnas”)

    A. Juraszewski and H. Gaik (MKS Grojec), G. Kučinskas (Tornado KM – „1000 linijų“), J. Rudaitis (Sabonio KC) ir M. Kidikas (KM „Perkūnas“) were awarded as the best five players of group 2006.

    The winners of group 2006 were awarded by players of Lithuanian Women’s Basketball League’s Dalia Belickaitė and Kornelija Balčiūnaitė.

    Apdovanojimų ceremoniją papuošė Lietuvos Moterų krepšinio lygoje žaidžiančios Hoptrans – Sirenos krepšininkės Dalia Belickaitė ir Kornelija Balčiūnaitė.  

    Final results of group 2006

    Place Team
    I MKS Grojec (POL)
    II Tornado KM – „1000 linijų“ (LTU)
    III Sabonio KC (LTU)
    IV KM „Perkūnas“ (LTU)
    V KK Paulus (EST)
    VI Marupes SC (LAT)
    VII Tukums SS (LAT)
    VIII Minsk,Tsmoki (BLR)


    MVP of group 2006

    After the most massive tournament in Lithuania, director of “Tornado” basketball school was very happy: “Every year I say that is great to meet more and more teams from foreign countries, but this year we broke the record! I’m glad that everything went well, all the teams were high level, and so both children and coaches gained a lot of experience. We would like to say “thank you” for Kaunas district municipality for the opportunity to organize tournament in their sport bases, for cups and medals. Also we are thankful for our sponsors for established prizes, for the parent and personal of the school for help during the tournament. We wish you all to win more victories in 2017 and win the first places in the championships of your countries! “. 

    All standings and results of tournament